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Affordable, luxurious image-making

A satin dress, professional make-up, smart suits and a glorious location.



The recipe for the perfect wedding?

A scene from a feature film?

After-party shots from a music video?



You provide the imagination and Mediahound Films will reward you with a lasting memory of the occasion. I have the skills and experience to plan, shoot, edit and distribute your material.





Using a 4K cinema camera and world-renowned optics as the basis of my production facilities allows me to record your material in the highest quality possible, edit and color-grade with unrivaled color depth and present in any format from tablet to 4K UHD.


Mediahound Films guarantee...


• All sessions shot on RED 4K UHD camera & Zeiss Optics

• 4K content as standard

• Future-proof your material with UHD quality footage

• Both private and commercial packages

• Full editing facilities using latest Adobe Creative Cloud software

• Improve your website with professional videos

• The cost effective way to train your workforce

• Operational all over  South West, London, Manchester  and Birmingham

                        20 years supplying customers including :



Examples & Information



   Exploring your artistic imagination results in the most creative and dynamic film-making.



   Whether you need my services to storyboard, script and design the shoot or just use the camera, sound and lighting facilities as part of a larger process, Mediahound Films can help you.



   I have experience shooting single scene advertising virals, 3 week feature shoots and both studio and location music videos.



   Using the 4K cinema camera allows stunning shallow depth-of-field, 12+ stops of dynamic range and crisp still frame opportunities - that's why Red cameras are respected and revered throughout the world.



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drama, features & virals

 Viewers stay 5 times longer on your page if it contains video - fact!


    With Social Media changing the way people digest information, studies show viewers engage more readily with video content than text and still images.


   A product commercial is wildly different from a corporate training film and I can work with you at every stage of the project from scripting & concept design through to editing and delivery.


   Why not watch our example films here and on YouTube, then give us a call to see how we can help you!


   All corporate, music, short and instructional footage is shot on our 4K Red Scarlet-X. This allows unrivaled quality and color rendition, with endless possibilities for distribution from Blu-Ray to large-scale projection or even 4K cinema screen viewing.


   Talk to us today and we'll provide you with a personalized quote.


 I'll tell your story however you want me to - reportage or fairy tale? Either way, you'll have a beautiful reminder of that special day, set to music chosen by you.


Package 1


   I will record the ceremony, reception speeches and the first dance. You will receive an edited full length copy and highlights featurette on a memory stick, in HD and smart phone resolutions.


Package 2


   As above, including the Bride’s preparations, ceremony, reception speeches and first hour of evening celebrations. You name the format - UHDTV, HD or tablet...



   With a cinema camera, every second of recorded footage is a series of 25, 16MP photographs, recorded raw, with no compression artifacts. That means pristine, Hollywood-quality footage. So ask yourself... do you really need both a photographer AND videographer?


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